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Important questions of science

1) What is the chemical name of laughing gas?

Answer - Nitrous oxide (Inventor-Priestle)

(2) Which gas mainly consists of cow dung gas?

Answer: Methane

(3) Which gases are in cooking gas?

Answer: Propane, Butane

(4) Which substance is shining and used in matches?

Answer - Phosphorus P4

(5) Which gas is used to cook fruits?

Answer: Acetylene

(6) Which method is adopted to determine the age of fossils?

Answer - Carbon dating method

(7) Kerosene oil in the lantern causes light to climb?

Answer: Due to capillarity

(8) Divers breathe with which mixture of gases?

Answer: Oxygen and Helium

(9) Which gas leak occurred in Bhopal gas accident?

Answer: Methyl iso cyanate

(10) The purest form of water is?

Answer: Rain water

(11) Because of which the drops of rain become round?

Answer - Due to page stress

(12) Which plant is used to make biodiesel?

Answer: Ratanjot (Jatropha)

(13) Who discovered gravity?

Answer: Newton

14. What acid is in vinegar and pickle?

Answer: acetic acid

(15) Which acid is present in lemon and orange?

Answer: Citric acid

(16) is found in the ink to be put in the hands of voters?

Answer: Silver Nitrate

(17) Earth rotates on its axis?

Answer: Northwest to east

(18) The smell of onion and garlic is due to

Answer: Due to potassium

(19) Who discovered x-rays?

Answer - Rontzen

(20) Measure the depth of the sea?

Answer: From Altimeter

(21) DNA Given the model of the structure?

Answer: Watson and Crick

(22) The first element to be formed in a laboratory is

Answer: Urea

(23) Who discovered penicillin?

Answer: Alexander Fleming

(24) Who has discovered smallpox vaccine?

Answer - Edward Jenner

(25) Largest bone?

Answer: femur

(26) What is the smallest bone?

Answer - Steps

(27) Which vitamin contains cobalt?

Answer - B-12

(28) Ratodhi disease is caused by deficiency of which vitamin?

Answer: Vitamin-A

(29) Which disease is caused by vitamin B deficiency?

Answer - Berry Berry

(30) Who discovered the rabies vaccine?

Answer - Louis Pasteur

(31) X rays?

Answer: Electromagnetic rays

(32) The reason for the formation of the rainbow?

Answer: Refraction

(33) If we look at the sky from the moon, what will it look like?

Answer: Black

(34) Used to cook raw fruits?

Answer: Acetylene

(35) Artificial rainfall occurs?

Answer- Due to silver iodide

(36) Which metal is found in liquid form?

Answer: Mercury Hg

(37) Measure atmospheric pressure?

Answer: Barometer

(38) Nuclear reactor has a temper?

Answer: Heavy Water D2O

(39) Fireworks have red color?

Answer - Due to strontium

(40) Fireworks have green color?

Answer: Due to barium

(41) What is water soluble vitamin?

Answer - B, C

(42) Are fat soluble vitamins?

Answer - A, D, E, K

(43) Why are the leaves green?

Answer: Due to chlorophyll

(44) Contains petrol?

Answer: Hydrogen and Carbon

(45) Are there primary colors?

Answer: Red, Blue and Green
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