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Improve yourself within a month, What to do to?

1. Do not scroll Facebook, What’s app, Instagram again and again. For this, keep aside some time or only run when necessary. Also do not wait for the message of your crush.
2. Make a habit of reading a little on the right every day. If something happens, your Vocabulary will definitely be good in a month.
3. Do not watch any such videos on YouTube, yes some videos are short and enjoy, but still it spoils your time.
4. Exercise, drink more water, do not eat chips etc. If possible, eat healthy food.
5. Eat only while eating, TV only while watching TV, do not do both together.
6. Use stairs instead of lift.
7. Learn to cook. Because if you ever got a chance to go to the kitchen of your favourite restaurant and saw how the food is made there, then you will not feel like going there again.
8. Talking for 10 minutes at the end of the day is better than chatting all day.
9. Do something that will make you happy after doing it. Whether you can help in your father's work or your friend's project. Do something for people.
10. Meet your friends. Because friends are an important part of life, they have such super powers that if you start flying in more air nowadays, they will bring you to the earth.
11. Talk to your family, do not ignore them.
12. Sitting with eyes closed for 10 minutes in solitude, you will feel better.
13. Try to learn something new every day. Write your day job on a diary. You will notice from this that you spent your time.
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