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Important CHEMISTRY Questions

1- Gases used in welding are ?

Acetylene & Oxygen

2- Gases used by sea divers for breathing are ?

Oxygen & Helium

3- Best sources for Vitamin D are?

Sunlight & Fish liver

4- Zinc Phosphide is used as?

Rat Poison

5- Fuse wire is made up of

Lead and Tin

6- Purest form of Iron is?

Wrought Iron

7- Radium is extracted from?


8- Which agent is as ‘seed’ in artificial rain?

Silver Iodide

9- Oxides of metals are ?


10- During the process of ‘rusting’ , the weight of iron ?


11- (metal) is liquid at room temperature?


12- What is the formula of common salt ?


13- What is the maximum number of electrons that a p-orbital can hold ?


14- What is used in fire extinguisher?

Sodium bicarbonate

15- What is the nature of metal oxides ?


16- Which gas burns with popping sound ?


17- Which metal is used for galvanization ?


18- What is the nature of bleaching powder ?

Oxidising agent

19- Which is stored in Kerosene ?


20- Phenolphthalein gives which color in acidic medium ?


21- Which gas is used in cigarette lighters?


22- Biogas chiefly contains ?
Methane (CH4)

23- Chemical used as fixer in Photography is ?

Sodium thiosulphate

24- Aspirin is ?

Acetyl Salicylic Acid

25- Is also known as ‘Stranger Gas’ ?


26- Natural rubber is a polymer derived from ?


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