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Goa Liberation Day @19December

The Goa liberation movement that continued for 60 combating years resulted in its liberation from 450-yrs long Portuguese rule in 1961. Join us on Sunday for GOA MUKTI SANGRAM REVISITED, 2 panel discussions paying tributes to our martyrs' unflagging resistance.



The Goa Liberation Day celebrates the liberation of Goa from Portuguese dominion on 19th December 1961. History, Celebration and Facts about this Liberation Day. #GoaLiberationDay #BritishIndians


PM Narendra Modi to visit Goa on December 19. He will participate in Goa Liberation Day celebrations, & inaugurate & lay foundation stone of multiple projects worth over Rs 650 cr: PMO #narendramodi #PMOIndia #Goa #GoaLiberationDay

#OperationVijay #WeRemember the stellar action by the #IndianArmedForces which led to the #GoaLiberationDay (1/n). #NavalArchives

#OperationVijay #GoaLiberationDay #WeRemember the pitched Naval battle between #IndianNavy warships #Betwa & #Beas and Portuguese frigate Afonso de Albuquerque. The latter finally surrendered (2/n). #NavalArchives #Celebrating1961

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