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#कल के प्रश्नन का उत्तर

#Who recently launched a book called " The Art Of Bitfulness "

" The Art Of Bitfulness " नामक पुस्तक किसने लॉन्च की

A) Nandan Nilkani

B) Shashi Tharoor

C) Amish Tripaathi

D) Narendra Modi ( A )

#21December 2020

#Who was honoured with #Surya #Bhushan International Award = K Sivan

हाल ही में किसे Surya Bhushan International Award से सम्मानित किया गया था = के सिवान

#Which bank has unveiled new digital payment app " #DakPay" = India Post Payments Bank

हाल ही में किस बैंक ने नए डिजिटल भुगतान ऐप " DakPay" का अनावरण किया है = India Post Payments Bank

#Who wrote the book called " The #Shaurya Unbound " = Neetu & BM Dinakaran

" The Shaurya Unbound " नामक पुस्तक किसने लिखी है = Neetu & BM Dinakaran

#Vijay Divas = 16 December

विजय दिवस = 16 दिसम्बर

#Who has been released book on 19th anniversary of #parliament attack = Om Birla

हाल ही में किसने संसद हमले की 19 वीं वर्षगांठ पर पुस्तक रिलीज की है = ओम बिरला

#Recently where was the #Indian #Coast #Guard commissioned OPV Sujit = Goa

हाल ही में भारतीय तटरक्षक बल ने कहाँ पर OPV Sujit को कमीशन किया = #गोवा

#Who was appointed the new chief justice of Odisha High Court = J S #Murlidhar

ओडिशा उच्च न्यायालय के #मुख्य #न्यायाधीश कौन बनाए गए = J S Murlidhar

#लॉकडाउन में नौकरी गंवाने वालो को ई रिक्शा देंगे सोनू सूद

#हाल ही में डाबर चवनप्राश के ब्रांड एम्बेसडर के

रूप में नियुक्त किया गया है

#Who became the winner of the Big Little Book Award 2020

Big Little Book Award 2020 के विजेता कौन बने

A) Rajeev EP

B) Subhadra Sen Gupta

C) a & b

D) Manohar Singh

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#21December 2020 .

#BBC Sports Personality #Awards2020

#Lewis Hamilton Won BBC Sports Personality Of The Year 2020

#2nd Place At BBC Sports Personality Of The Year 2020 : Jordan Henderson

#3rd Place At BBC Sports Personality Of The Year 2020 : Hollie Doyle

#Khabib Nurmagomedov Named BBC Sports Personality's World Sport Star

#Andrea Spendolini-Sirieix Named 2020 BBC Young Sports Personality Of The Year

#Tobias Weller Wins Inaugural BBC Young Unsung Hero Award 2020

#Captain Sir Tom Moore Wins Helen Rollason Award 2020

#Jurgen Klopp Named BBC Sports Personality Coach Of The Year 2020

#Liverpool FC Named BBC Sports Personality Team Of The Year 2020

#20December : International Human #Solidarity Day

#RBI Extends Restrictions On #PMCBank For 3 Months Till 31 March 2020

#Mauritius Badminton Player Kate Foo Kune Banned For 2 Years In Doping Case

#68Million Amount Has Been Approved By The World Bank For Nagaland : Enhancing Classroom Teaching & Resources Project

#250Million Amount Has Been Approved By The World Bank For DRIP-2

#DRIP-2 : 2nd Dam Improvement And Rehabilitation Project

#100Million Amount Has Been Approved By The World Bank For CHIRAAG Project

#CHIRAAG : Chhattisgarh Inclusive Rural And Accelerated Agriculture Growth Project

#Sir Elton John Named As Global Citizen Artist Of The Year 2020

#Temie Giwa-Tubosun Named As Global Citizen Prize For Business Leader 2020

#Bryan Stevenson Named As Global Citizen Of The Year 2020

#Ursula Von Der Leyen Named As Global Citizen Prize For World Leader 2020

#Warren Buffett Named As Global Citizen Prize For Philanthropy 2020

#Handicrafts Exhibition " Raag-Bhopali " Being Organized From 26 To 30 Dec In Bhopal

#DM Rajnath Singh Inaugurates The Advanced Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Test Facility In Hyderabad

🇮🇳 India Has Become The 3rd Country To Have Such A Huge Facility In Size & Capability

#1st : America , 2nd : #Russia

#Lionel Messi Equals Brazilian Pele's Record Of 643 Goals For A Single Club

#Pele Scored 643 Goals In 665 Competitive Games For " Santos "

#Lionel Messi Scored 643 Goals In 748 Competitive Games For " Barcelona "

#India International Science Festival 2020 To Be Organized From 22 Dec

#IISF 2020 Theme : " Science For Self-Reliant India & Global Welfare "

#PM Modi Presents The ASSOCHAM Enterprise Of The Century Award To #TATA Group

#ASSOCHAM : Associated Chambers Of Commerce Of India

#Sam Mewis Was Named U.S. Soccer's Female Player Of The Year 2020

#Visakhapatnam Railway Station Awarded The Best Clean Station By ECoR

#ECoR : East Coast Railway

#Former Maharashtra Hockey Player NA #Sundermurthy Passed Away Recently

#Arun Jain Has Been Elected As Vice President Of #PanIIT USA .


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