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0015+ GK Question and Answers on General Science

1- Recently World Book Fair 2021 has been announced, by whom is this fair organized?

#National Book Trust

- Nehru Memorial Digital Library

- Nehru Memorial Museum andLibrary

- None of these

2- Who among the following is going to be the first woman fighter in India to participate in the Republic Day Parade?

- Gunjan Saxena

- Mohana Singh

- Avni Chaturvedi

#Bhavna Kant

3- Statement A: Bhavna Kant is the first female fighter pilot to participate in the Republic Day Parade.

Statement B: Bhavna Kant has been awarded the Nari Shakti Samman. Choose the truth statements -

- A only

- Neither A nor B

- B only

#A and B

4- Recently the Smart Anti Airfield Weapon (SAAW) has been tested by which laboratory of DRDO?

- Aeronautical DevelopmentEstablishment, Bengaluru

- Research Center Building,Hyderabad

- Defense Research Laboratory,Tezpur

#Bharat Scientific AnalysisGroup, Kolkata

5- The committee to look into the marriageable age of women was headed by?

- V.K. Paul

#V.K. Paul & Jaya Jaitly

- Smriti Irani

- Jaya Jaitly

6- Which state has announced the Mukhyamantri Bagayat Vikas mission?

- Maharashtra

- Kerala

- Punjab

7- Where has the ' Khelo India Zanskar Winter Sport and Youth Festival 2021 ' inaugurated?

- Assam

- Odisha

- Haryana

8- Which state has observed 42nd Kokborok day on 19th January?

- Gujarat

- Assam

- Kerala

9- Which bank has launched the InstaFX mobile application for Forex partners?

- HDFC Bank



- YES Bank

10- Who has gets the additional charge of the AYUSH Ministry?

- Smriti Irani

- Amit Anilchandra Shah

- Nitin Gadkari

#Kiren Rijiju

11- Statement A: India is providing Covid vaccines to neighboring countries under the Vaccine Maitri Pahal.

Statement B: India has provided most of the Covid vaccines (20 lakh) to Bangladesh.

Choose the truth statements -

#A and B

- A only

- Neither A nor B

- B only

12- Who has been appointed as the MD of LIC?

- Raj Kumar

- Vipin Anand

- Sanjeev Kumar

#Sidhartha Mohanty

13- Who has signed MoU with the Maharashtra Government to create awareness among SME about listing?

- HDFC Bank

- Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad


#Bombay Stock Exchange

14- Midnight Singer is the auto biography of which singer?

- SP Balasubramanian

- Vasu Mukherjee

- Archana Mahant

#Narendra Chanchal

15- Recently who has been appointed as the Managing Director of Life Insurance Corporation of India?

- N. Gopalan

- Ravindra Tanwar

#Siddharth Mohanty

- Uday Shankar

16- Recently the name of HowrahKalka Mail has been changed, now by what name will this rail be known?

- Atal Express

- Shyamaprasad Express

#Netaji Express

- Deendayal Express

17- Indian Railway has renamed Howrah-Kalka Mail by which name?

- Gandhi Express

- Savarkar ExpressS

#Netaji Express

- Jawahar Express

18- With reference to the National Book Trust (NBT) select the following statements

A) NBT was established in 1957.

B) NBT is working under the Ministry of Culture. C) World Book Fair is organized by NBT at Pragati Maidan in Delhi.

#A and C

- A and B

- B and C

- A, B and C

19- The first-ever Labour Movement Museum is set to be established in which city of India?

- Bangalore

- Hyderabad

- Chennai

20- Which one of the following Fundamental Rights is available to Indian citizens only ?

[A] Equality before law

[B] Protection from discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.

- A

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